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The 'Digital' Talent Assessment... Welcome to 'CRATAO'

The SMART phones have given us a taste of the first blood drawn of things to come in the Digitally Smart times. Fast 'Applications' combined with 'Artificial Intelligence' and Robotics are going to fundamentally change the nature of things and their basic models. That is called SMART.

But that is only a sampling of the new flavour. Wait. We are on the cusp of a Smart Revolution which in a world connected thru 'Internet of Things' is going to redefine everything and write a new recipe in the talent Eco-system. It is going to impact the way we live and of-course, the way we work.

Let me creatively indulge in a futuristic look at the talent selection interview in the digital future.

The web page or the 'Microsoft-LinkedIn' Careers page of Companies in the future, would read something like this..... :

* Thank you for indicating your career interest in our CO thru the Common Identity Number (CIN).

* You will be interviewed by the 'Chief Robotics Talent Acquisition Officer'. The CRATAO is fully built on latest generation of Artificial Intelligence using upgraded Robotics technology.

* "Please do not bring your CV. It is too distracting. As per the CO policy, we will cloud source and construct your demographic data. You will be expected to re verify the same when your CV will be provided to you. Your photograph will be directly sourced from your social media / Instagram profiles and will be attached to your CV "

* "Your Educational Testimonials will be directly verified through Interlinked University systems Do not bring voluminous copies of your testimonials for uploading ".

* " Verification of your work experiences will be directly done thru Corporate Linkage Program"

* "CRATAO is equipped with medical scanning capability. 32 identified medical tests will be directly taken alongside, in the course of your inter-face time with CRATAO. These will be directly forwarded to our approved Medical Center for certification. The tests include Brain MRA and other psychometric evaluations.

* " CRATAO is equipped with 'Decision Analysis Predictive Logic'. 500 of the latest 'A' category decisions taken by you in the last 1 year will be on-line directly assessed to automatically determine patterns of your intelligence and emotional quotients.

* "CRATAO is connected via interlink systems to the Multi-city Police Verification Data Room. This report will be attached to your CV.

Together, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in the future, will combine greater decision-making power with the ability to execute. Organisations could see exponential improvements as software and hardware develops and costs decline.

'Smart' Solutions are fast. It is the differentiator that adds competitive advantages. It enables better, more efficient and more agile use of existing assets and processes.

SMART Technologies are the smart way forward. Makes life interesting, its decisions faster and the overall System fully integrated

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