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I succeed because I fail...DETER.

If you ever won straight away the first time, it must be a fluke and you must be lucky. Someone up there must be liking you for your good Karma. Otherwise, ask seasoned winners and you will learn that each one of them has a chest full of 'war-stories' on failures that paved their path toward success.

When you come face-to-face with genius and you see their work, you tend to believe that they are born with creative boons and therefore they succeed. In contrarian logic - creative genius never fails ! And how far from the truth we are. If you go through lives of these geniuses - be they Mozart, Da Vinci, Einstein, Darwin or Raman. You will be surprised when you go through their biographies to realise that actually they have failed more number of times than the others.

The only fact that differentiates these creative geniuses from the others is that they simply do more experiments and do not let their failed experiments stop them.

Actually if you decode their behaviours you will find the secret answer. It lies in the word 'DETER'. It is in the way their mind triggers signals when they experience failure.

Deter. Most people who experiment, make a few attempts and fail, deter. They feel demotivated. They feel dejected. They feel discouraged to proceed further. Negativity takes over. They succumb. Thus they give up. They are victims of negative triggers.

Winners are built differently. They don't let failure stop them. They interpret the failure signals differently. They also in a way - deter but they give 'deter' a different meaning. To them it means : 'D'etermined 'E'nthusiasm and 'T'enacity to 'E'xperiment with 'Resilience! .

This is the magic....unleashing the hidden potential to succeed that lies dormant in each one of us. Success is an outcome of learnings from enlightened trial and error.

The ultimate stroke of success that labels such winners as 'Genius' does get bestowed on them because they have a daunting track record of success. It comes to them because of their determination, tenacity and resilience. They continue to do more. They take more shots at the goal. They throw more stones at the mango tree. Hence they go home with a winning yield !!!

And that is the compelling mathematics of winning....more trials...more attempts...more failures and then a track record of success !!! Just like 'Viagra'. Millions of dollars burnt in research and experimentation that just failed. This did not yield one significant patent out of such research. But that did not deter the Pharmaceutical giant to give up on research. Resilience. They continued undeterred. They then discovered Viagra that refilled their revenues multifold.

Graham Bell failed to ring the bell a hundred times. The Wright Brothers never got it right a hundred times. Edison with his thousand failing experiments that finally produced the incandescent light bulb genius....real measure of success is in the number of experiments that can be crowded into twenty four hours !!!

Winners are determined. They are neither deterred nor socially embarrassed about their methods or their failures.

Each one of us has a deep-seated seed of a potential winner within us that is suppressed by social embarrassment. Failures make us run away. Not the winners. They re-approach their challenges 'D'etermined with 'E'nthusiasm and 'T'enacity to continue their 'E'xperiments with 'R'esilience, till they WIN.

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