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  • Brene Brown

'Daring Greatly'

We all know that there are situations where our vulnerabilities would get the better of us. This best-selling sensation is a 'how to' book and literally to have the courage to capitalise on ones Vulnerability....thus transforming the way people live, love, nurture and lead.

It literally prompts one to ultimately answer these four questions of ones life... - why does being vulnerable to something worry us - how do we protect ourselves from Vulnerability - when we get put-off and thus given up, what price do we really end up paying ? - how do we negotiate terms with our vulnerabilities such that we can actually live , love, nurture and lead effectively

The book demystifies the concept of Vulnerability. Vulnerability Debunks a few basic myths we have nurtured around Vulnerability...

1. that Vulnerability is a weakness. Vulnerability is a feeling and how can a feeling be a weakness ?

2. that everybody is vulnerable to something...

3. that Vulnerability is based on mutuality, boundaries and trusts.

4. That we can get over our vulnerabilities alone...without any help. Without help it is tough to get over.

Shame is worry of social rejection by indulging or avoiding an act. Vulnerability is different from shame and it should not cause or lead to shame. It should also not lead to guilt or humiliation says Brownie

Brene Brown recommends an Armoury for us to use as we aim to protected from being hurt, diminished, or by vulnerabilty. One way for sure is to practise gratitude and partake in joy. Brown highlights the 3 key lessons of Joy...

1. We risk missing joy when we keep chasing extraordinary. Joy is in common moments.

2. Have joy with what you have. Do not keep imaging lost joy from things you missed.

3. Don't squander joy when you have. Enjoy every moment of joy.

Brene recommends indulgence in Disruptive Engagement and whole-hearted nurturing in a culture like what parents do to get over vulnerabilities.

This is a Book for serious reading..on a cirtical note. We all suffer from vulnerabilities...only masters know how to effectively capitalise on vulnerabilities and emerge a winner.

Whilst criticality of the theme is of a high order, it is not an easy read. It is a challenge to become a hit without a mass. It is based on a belief in a powerful new Vision of the enterprise.

I would rate this book at 3/5.

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