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Timing is everything

Not every race is about speed. Some races are about stamina, pacing and long distance sustenance. If before starting the race you are not clear about the nature of the race and the conditions that could make you win, you could actually end up doing things that you ought to have been avoiding. For winning in the Market, the norm is clear. To gain an edge you either got to 'be first and impressive or you got to be better' ! Speed is of essence to winning but limited. First-mover advantage is only a half-truth. Whilst first-movers have a natural competitive edge, if later entrants can leap-frog pioneers, I'd say, better you enter late ! You could actually learn lessons from experiences of the pioneers and do better. Early advantages could become obsolete in fast moving markets. See how badly it flopped for all those who invested in building factories that made 'floppies' !!a 'Timing ' is the advantage. Timing your moves right should be the critical aspect of your strategy. Even the proverbial tortoise taught us that, isn't it ? Plato rightly said..."to suffer the penalty of too much haste, which is too little speed". The times ahead are exciting. I wish that may you always be in right time.

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