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The Camel, a Horse designed by a Committee

A Camel they rightly say, is a Horse designed by a Committee. To align the thinking of a group is not as easy as it is generally made out to be. Virtues of diatribe & debate that emerge from Diverse composition of a team, indeed makes the outcome of a group activity very rich. It includes the entire range of options & alternatives benefit of which it would otherwise not have gained from. However, there is always a challenge in decision making when it comes to groups. It comes from the human desire for social acceptance in a group. This makes people remain silent & agree in group activities despite wanting to disagree at a personal level. 'Group Think' in psychology thus is a negative term. A leader is expected to recognise the setting in of the 'GroupThink' & prevent its inset at all cost. 'GT' rests on the belief that concurring with others is the sole overriding priority. It makes people give up realistic assessment thereby leading to outcomes being insulated from contrarian perspectives. Dismembership from group for disagreement worries most members. Thus there is a superfiscial agreement leading to the group taking unopposed wrong decisions. The Camel therefore is the unopposed group outcome of the original journey undertaken to draw a horse.

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