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The Medici Effect

The Medici Effect...the magic at intersections is a very interesting book by Frans Johansson.

We live in an interconnected world where quantum learning happens at the junction where sciences, philosophies, finance and art converge. This is called the Medici Effect.

The book by Frans Johansson highlights this unique quality of the interaction between domains of different sciences and learning. Together it has potential to forge a new world based on emergence of new ideas...the same as what the Italians saw under influence of 'The Medici family' and brought about a period of reawakening known in history subsequently as the period of Renaissance.

We too can create the Medici effect and ignite the explosion of ordinary ideas by bringing together learning at the cross roads from different disciplines and cultures.

When we talk about 'internet of things' we are actually talking about application of Medici Effect in the Digital World.

Three things will happen in the future, says Frans...

☝Critical forces will work together to increase the number of intersections around the world.

✌The world will learn to use intersections to create remarkable, surprising and ground-breaking ideas.

👌Executing in the intersection is a challenge. However, the world will master the art of executing ideas that will emerge in the intersections.

Accordingily, this lovely book is structured in three parts.

Part 1 dealing with the Intersection💢...when you step into the zone of intersection, you can combine concepts between multiple fields, generating ideas that leap in new directions - the intersectional ideas. Intersectional ideas make one do a double take. Whilst in the long run both types of ideas are needed, the difference between directional ideas and intersectional ideas lie in the intersectional ideas being more powerful and widespread. Intersectional innovations change the world in leaping into fascinatingly new directions opening new fields...say what the Pentium chip did to the digital World.

The author talks about culture arbitrage 🤗 thru convergence of science and blending of ciiiultures. It is a period that would highlight emergence of the greater 'Force of Convergence'👬👫👭

Part 2 dealing with creating the Medici Effect. Each one of us has a chain of associations...the stimulus triggering the reactions. These chains are connected and clustered around the domains related to our own fields and experiences. Use the term 'Recruitment' before a human resources professional and use the same term before a Marketing professional...both will have different reactions. In the world of intersections, there will be a breakdown of barriers between fields.. Tearing down of 'Associative Bearings' will happen through wider exposure👏👏👏 and breaking down of narrow assumptions.

Part 3 dealing with making the Intersectional

Ideas Happen. Idea is to remain motivated as one learns new ways to execute (past ones failure) and thereby progress towards success in face of failure by breaking out of ones net-work and leaving it behind. It is about learning to break out of ones network and leaving it behind as one prepares to fight with new tools and weapons of the hybrid era. Take risks to overcome fear or rather adopt a balanced view of Risk.

💃🕺🏃‍♀🏃‍♂Step into the Intersection and keep the courage to move on. Future lies in the intersection, find your way there. Expect the unexpected because intersections are everywhere. All we have to do is find it...and dare to step in.

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