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Role of Leadership is EVfT👉 CVE ...extracting value from talent to create value for enterprise.

In most organisations where we are invited for consulting support we find that the greatest risk to leadership is its own inability to give its team members sufficient room for individual discretion and see value in what they deliver. Inability of leadership to create an Eco-system which helps them to extract the value from the most valuable (and at times highly-priced) talent that they have acquired and invested in.

Three things restraint leadership...

👉 Belief that talent comes in Oven readiness

✌ Belief that Value is automatically created from talent

👌 Inability of leadership to create balance in Social Harmony

Whilst organisations seriously take pride in their culture, they tend to forget that cultures reflect rigid patterns approved for behaviour in that group. External talent never comes in 'ready to consume' packs. Talent requires serious amount of recaliberation and adjustments (in competencies and culture) once it joins a system. And this role the leadership has to perform with a plan. Cannot leave it to the forces of nature to let that happen. Such magic is unknown.

EVfT has to be orchestrated to a conscious plan. Acquired talent does not by itself start performing. The potential assessed during the selection process has to be translated into high performance. This does not happen automatically. Leadership is the facilitator.

Collective Group Intelligence is an outcome not so much of the average IQ of the Group as much as it was an outcome of its 'Social Harmony'. This refers to its ability to harmonize relationships within the Group with that unique ' X ' factor such that it creates unique magic of performance in combination...the power of Social Harmony.

Getting right talent with potential is like excellent raw material in the ware house. Leadership has to EVfT...'extracting value from talent' invested 👉 to create value for the stakeholders and the enterprise.

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