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Another Tack

Read this lovely poem and thought of sharing it with all you my dear friends...

Another Tack

When you suspect you're going wrong,

Or lack the strength to move along

With placid poise luĺamong your peers,

because of haunting doubts or fears:

It's time for you to shift your pack,

And steer upon another tack !

When winds and waves assail your ship,

And anchors from the bottom slip;

When clouds of must obscure your Sun,

And foaming waters madly run :

It's time for you to change your plan

And make a port while yet you can !

When men laugh at your woeful plight,

And seek your old repute to blight;

When all the world bestows a frown,

While you are sliding swiftly down:

It's time for you to show your grit,

And let the sniffers know you're fit !

When failure hopes your luckless door,

And struts across the creaking floor;

When fortune flees and leaves you bare,

And former friends but coldly stare:

It's time for you to take a tack,

And show the world you're coming back !

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