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Effective Leadership Communication

Effective Leadership Communication has to be emotionally connecting and should have a compelling narrative. It is neither about language nor about fluency & certainly not style . A simple path to follow..yet a difficult mark to match for CEOs. Unless a leader is emotionally intelligent (and sometimes I seriously worry how some of them become leaders without being emotionally intelligent), they work on an assumption that followers can be engaged primarily through rational analysis &straightforward assertion of facts. Pure merits of the case - yes, it works. But then the merits have to be overwhelming.Unfortunately, the real world merits are never so overwhelming. Thus need for an emotionally connecting & a compelling narrative to build personal passion around action. This piece is not about rejecting rational analysis. It is but a build-up for leadership to find a way to allow others understand their critical roles in the jig-saw & get excited to solve the puzzle. Communicating merits thru 'Rational Analysis' is Management..communicating thru compelling narratives that leads to engagement is leadership. However powerful the points be, Power-Point never excites me. Let my leader narrate anecdotes & stories. I will be meaningfully engaged and excited

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