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Being human, literally

Organisations that thrive in complex times are ones that are Agile & committed to a culture that enjoys wholesome wellness. It is an age where the leader's kind & clever virtues thrive. A leader needs to build a wholesome organisation that insulates & fights back. Very much the same way that a healthy body fights strains of unknown viruses in an epidemic. A leader does not have to give up his committment to enhance productivity & efficiency merely because he values civility & kindness. Firstly, a leader has to treat people like people. No compromises with dignity of people. Effeciency or inefficiency should never become the basis of human treatment. If a person is ineffecient, fire him.But, never hurt human dignity. People sometimes falter. Sometimes for personal reasons performance falls. Abiiity of a leader to hold hands at such moments & pull the person out of set-backs, pays dividends. Do small things with great love. Being kind should not be so hard for a great leader. Rightly says Taylor in 'Simply Brilliant'...civility is not the enemy of productivity ! In a world being reshaped by technology, what so many of us still crave are small gestures of kindness that remind us of what it means to be human.

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