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Do it Fast!

'Do it Fast'....somehow, this stimulus is misunderstood by respondents to mean 'Do it somehow fast' . When market vagaries, complexities & ambiguities pose an environmental challenge & disruptive innovation poses doubts to your very existence, the unsoken buzzword for survival is heard by all without being actually spoken by anybody...'Do it fast'. As a consequence the new survival sequence becomes 'Ready-Shoot-Aim'. Cowboyism thus thrives. Just do it fast. Don't analyse too much...don't think too much. It is an age of action. Do not be found reading a book in the old library whilst the town has shifted to a new location !!! 'R-S-A' is misunderstood to mean adopt shortcuts, do not follow procedures, throw policies to the dogs...literally, produce without the Safety Guards ! And we all know that this cannot be sustained in the long run. It has to fail. 'Ready-Aim-Fire' can never be replaced by 'R-F-A'. You know you will never hit the target by design. In the age of super-speed you need to be doubly sure and hyper-ready all the time. Line-up and aim at the fast moving ducks with greater precision. Please hold your breath, be at peace for a few moments to bring about steadiness before you finally pull the trigger. And all this, please do it fast ! 

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