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Passionate Service Leadership

The audience that understands music knows that good symohony lies hidden in the swift movements of a maestro's baton. The maestro as he conducts and transits through the delicate movements of the composition, he communicates his passion to each musician. Each one of them is infected by that and lets that passion flow through the notations of the piece that lies before them. Can they not play without him ?. I get asked this all the time.Give the same book to a hundred people and ask them to read a common page aloud and together at the same time. The chaos All through, the conducter not once turns back to see the audience's reaction or search for tacit approval. He is in a trance of the passion of his rendition and experiences perfect joy of the audience on the faces on his musicians. Until the piece ends and he turns to take a bow and thank the audience for patiently listening to his rendition. True leadership is that. It focuses more on the delivery of perfection than on applause of the audience. It is passionate about the purpose. It is in unision with the team and experiences the pleasure of delivery to the audience (its clients) on the faces of his team. This is Passionate Service Leadership. 

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