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A true Mumbaikar loves Mumbai rains

Flood, mud or slush....a true Mumbaikar loves Mumbai rains...get wet in those heavy showers...tea with hot vada-pavs in the corner Joshi shop...buying milk and bread for the old stranded aunty who thinks you are water-proof...confirmed holidays in schools and yet children pretending to want to go to school so that they can get wet...helping old uncle to push start his old stalled car...someone at Joshi's loudly abusing the Municipality in 'teechi maayla' marathi...Old Gillian wading through water to go to office for 1 hour to prove her loyalty.."sala new generation doesn't understand responsibility ! ". Sneezing, feverish, popping Crocins, Vicks, brandy and watching Z-news to reaffirm that everything is flooded as if you did not know. Whatever. I love my Mumbai...I love my Mumbai rains ! 

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