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Chains of habit are too light to be felt...till they become too heavy to be broken.

Human beings are victims of patterns. Habits indicate deep-set patterns which establish creation of 'behavioural comfort zones'. Habits make successful movements outside of these Comfort Zones to new states, very uncomfortable and painful. Strangely, mind some how relates 'habits' limitedly to indulgences in personally harmful vices like smoking, drinking etc. We overlook a lot many others, including Corporate habits. Whilst exposure to strong Management practices and impactful processes are good, unfortunately, these also end up in a way, becoming professionally habit forming and thus enslaving. New processes adopted create discomfort whether in the same Co or upon joining another Co. New exposure leads to active and passive resistance. It is this rigidity and resistance that makes organisation's transformation agendas often times fail. Effective professionals tend to work with higher levels of the old patterns or new. They quickly adopt that what is right and effectively move on . Leaders who have low adjustability quotient, resist change and thus die in the insignificance of the old patterns. Winners are merchants and champions of new processes. 

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