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Your only real competition is yourself..

Says the great Tiger Woods ..."The cliche about the game of golf being you against the golf course is only partly true. Ultimately, it is you against yourself. It always comes down to how well you know yourself, your ability, your limitations, and the confidence you have in your ability to execute under pressure that is mostly self created " Ability and Capability as concepts are generally mixed up. Ability is ones demonstrated performance through the skill he bears. Capability refers to performing at the ultimate level of your ability. You may win a match against another by virtue of your comparatively superior ability. However, despite winning, you may not have been performing at your full capability. Ultimate victory therefore lies in your capability - performing at 100% of your ability at that contextual point. Competition lies thus within your own self...learning to overcome ones self-imposed barriers to peak performance. Winning is only a milestone...a stop that establishes your ability. Capability travels further on. It is the ultimate terminus, where your journey has to peak. This is true not only in sports-field but in work spaces as well. Your competencies need to reach their peak point of Capability. 

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