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We write our movie scripts...

We are all script-writers, choreographers and movie-makers. We store our personal experiences within us in a space called 'Personal Sphere'. All characters in our movies are interpretations of the people with whom we share experiences. Actually, we are the solo actor wearing masks and enacting these multiple role. Sometimes we write thriller scripts, sometimes romantics, at time comedies and at times adventures. We choose the genre and the mood and invite these 'masked' supporting actors to play out roles in our scenes. Thus these stories grow within our Personal Sphere.. a psycho- drama plays out in our mind depending on the script we have chosen. These in real time ends up becoming specific life prompters of our beliefs about people, our explanation of their behaviours and drivers of our own behaviours and responses. When we realize that the story we are telling is not satisfactory or has become irrelevant, we have the power within to find alternative interpretations and change the script in our Personal Sphere. As you do this, you will find your actual behaviours and responses to people and situations, changing. Learn to be the master of the script you write and the narrative you tell yourself. Make happy movies. 

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