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Deciding to decide best...

The real value and success of any decision rests critically on deciding how to decide best. Effective and wise leaders with a clear line of authority, know how best their team needs to make its decisions. When the line of authority is not clear, decision making becomes the first victim of ambiguity. Confusion prevails in such a situation and ends-up in heated battles which can then only be resolved through mediation and involvement of third parties in resolving these conflicts. It is inbuilt in the role of leadership to upfront make the team aware of the process that it will collectively adopt to take its critical decisions including who will be involved within the team in taking which of these decisions and why. Whilst empowerment is a nurtured team value, choosing the correct decision making method still continues to be the sole responsibility of the leader upon whom the authority rests. This cannot be delegated. Deciding what decisions to turn-over through empowerment to others in the team and the timing for doing that falls under the perview of a leader's stewardship. Leadership and Decision-making are co-joint twins as a Soldier and War. One can't exist without the other. The other can't succeed without the former

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