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Effective Leadership

A good leader is differentiated and integrated with his team...all at the same time. To the outsider, his presence should not be too evident. To the insider, his presence should not be the source of discomfort and discomfiture. Effective leaders know how far they need to travel as a common member of the integrated group and when they need to seperate away from the group, take charge of a threatening challenge and show differentiated and distinguished leadership capabilities and qualities. Most leaders fail this balance test. Either they become 'country-club managers' where they mingle so much that the team does not differentiate and thus stops respecting them. Or they become so power-impacted and racistque that they actually believe to mingle with the team is below their social reckoning. The deeper one studies leadership, the more one comes to a conclusion that while leaders are required to reflect different competencies at different stages to reflect their effeciencies, most critical to their success is maturity and judgment to retain their balance at all times. 

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