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Executive Success

Executive Success

Executive Success is hidden between 'Stretch & Stress'....a talent meteor needs to protect or it has the potential to become celestial dust ! As a Business Coach, through several of my Coaching experiences with C-xecutives, a key lesson learnt has been to very early in the Coaching moments, discover how the Mentee manages and copes with the 'Stretch & Stress' of his role. Whilst chronic stress is bad for health and performance, no great results can be achieved in a competitive world till the Executive exerts energy to be in his 'ZPB'...a Zone of Positive stretch. But that is where the discretion lies as well - to know where his ZPS ends and his capability band SNAPs, leading from a state of Stretch to a state of Stress to a state of break- down and Distress ! No cookie-cutter, no one common point for as a Coach have to watch the Mentee closely and observe his reactions and not misunderstand what in Coaching parlance is called 'misattribution of arousal'. The Yerkes-Dodson law of Arousal suggests an Optimum Stress level at which an individual performs at his best and beyond which he starts reflecting disfunctional behaviours and gets into a state of depression. Idea is to observe his 'Yerkes-Dodson Vectors' closely and coach him to recast his stressful pressures through positive self talk and reassurances into excitement before he becomes distressed. One has experienced one too many meteors in the Milky Way of Corporate talent unmindfully pushing their limits of pressure to perform and prove but who unfortunately fused and become celestial dust.

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