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Crossword Time

Have been a cross-word freak all my life. Here are the clues to a stimulating Cross -Word specially designed for you. Try your hand at it. Saturday, I will share the answers on my web-site, but surely you will get it all right before that.  Clues Across:   1. A planned client anchored business  transformational journey 4. Caveman stock program 6. Company class 10. Systematically foretell like looking  thru a glass bowl 13. Source of decisions is like fruits 14. Every one has to learn to do it in an  enterprise 15. They raid the raiders ! 16. Intelligence is more Critical than  intellectual 17. Not important (abbreviated) 18. A critical agenda for diversity 20. Critical to success : skills, traits, knowledge, attitudes etc Clues Down: 2. Business to teach Business in India 3. Spiritual style 5. Lab intellect 7. Process of perceiving 8. Relax on the greens 9. Too much of it leads to Vitamin D defeciency 11. Trade your Stocks only thru them 12. A learning rail 19. The mind beliefs that need to  change before transformation   

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