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Speed is not the essence

Speed is essential but we mistake it to be the essence. This Zen story resonates with our reality. A Zen Master was approached by John. He was depressed.Was unable to complete all his tasks in time & thus suffered. He sought help. The Zen master told him that he had captured a unique demon who could help him do every thing very fast. But the demon had to be keet busy all the time or he would eat John away. John took the demon home Clean the house, dump garbage, do lawns, polish etc . All was done in a jiffy. More, more he kept asking. At some point John ran out of chores. Now go & rest said John. Keep me busy or I will eat you said Demon.John ran to ZM & expressed fear. In the Zen story, the master shows the demon a tree & tells him to go up & down till told to stop.The Zen master then tells John.. "the tree is yr breath -in out, in out.The demon is yr mind.Occupy yr mind & focus on yr breathing. Eventually yr mind will go somewhere else.Your 'true essence' will then find its place ". Departing from Zen, we lose the true essence of our lives preoccupied with 'digital demon of speed in our palms'. We mistake life for a series of never ending activities..mistake speed of completing as its essence. We thus get stressed & lose the essence of living. 

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