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Mentoring works

A question that doubters ask ... Does Senior level Mentoring really have an impact when the Mentee would have fully developed mind-models, styles & behaviours evolved long before he even connected for Mentoring ??? Let me share a Andrew Harvey story narrated in - 'The Way of Passion : A Celebration of Rumi'. A Lioness delivered a baby Lion in the jungle but dies during delivery. Being born an orphan, a flock of sheep brings him up in their way & style. Not knowing its identity, real strength & potential, the Lion adopted the walking, eating & bleating ways of the Sheep. He also unfortunately developed the psychological mindset of a victim, would moan & groan and began blaming others for his misfortunes. Much as what the Sheep would. One day a fully grown Lion sights him with the flock of sheep. Confused & angry to see one of his kind behave awkwardly, he dragged the Lion to a pond. He showed him his reflection - " Stupid child. Don't you see you are like me and not those sheep ?". You have a Lion's strength, courage & majesty. You are the predator not the prey. You are in charge of your destiny. The young Lion doubted but felt happy. Tried to roar but initially did not succeed. But under the adult Lion's ongoing supervision, the young Lion discovered his true nature and strength and learnt to behave like a Lion. Many of our leaders are not in touch with their potential strength, their instincts & real powers. Decorated rooms & high chairs do not matter.Their behaviours are not necessarily honed & influenced by the correct role models. This is thus what a good mentor does...if you are a Lion, have his potential strength and courage then he can help the leader to take charge of his destiny & roar again. 

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