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Reversals, blows, catastrophes, mischances, mishaps. Evolution of mankind is strewn with stories of calamities. 'Adversity' is not a cataclysm of recent origin & not limited to shifting economic paradigms as misunderstood. That would be limiting. Ramayana makes references to different types of 'calamities'. Calamity in friendship is absence of a person one depends on during sad times. Calamity in governance (read management) is absence of courage in emergencies. Calamity in culture is absence determination during moments of temptations. Calamity in agriculture is absence of rain during cultivation. Calamity in parenting is absence of father during years of nurturing. Whichever way, ability to effectively manage calamities has forever been the tool of the Titans...those who saw calamities as opportunities & not spine-breaking adversity. Titans have nerves of steel, resilience of a Phoenix backed with credibility & sensitivity. Says Kurt Vonnegut...out on the edge you see all kinds of things that you can't see from the centre. Big, dreamed of things - people on the edge see them first. Titans of change feel the oncoming calamities much before the others see it hitting the shores. With agility they move on to action to lead the path thru the storm. 

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