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Three coins - PS-SC-FE

Keep Tossing Your Three Coins.. Sucess is an outcome of a combination of three states that a professional finds himself to be in any given situation... 👉State of his Committment 👉State of his Connection and 👉State of his Engagement Each is in the shape of a 2-sided coin : ... Passionate Committment or Display - Room Committment ... Strategically Connected or Strategy Drained ... Fully Engaged or Totally Disengaged Given an assignment, a task or a challenge to face, the success of a professional is decided by a combination of the up-faces of his 3 coins Lament not if the situational upfaces do not favour you..for the coins can be tossed as many times An effective leader reads the faces of each of the 3 coins & motivates his team to keep tossing their coins again till they get a favourable combination. An effective professional does not lament his destiny for not throwing favourable faces of these 3 coins for him. Rather he strives to keep tossing these coins as many times that he may need to till he gets the most desired combination that reads ; 'PC-SC-FE' An effective eco-system is one which appreciates his efforts, understands his state and provides him a platform to keep tossing his coins as many times. 

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