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Culture Lessons

The 'Thanks-Giving' Sociology On 29th Nov, 2018, 7 teams of 2 interns each was formed & through friendly connections,got them to join 7 nuclear units of larger jt families meeting for their 'Thanks Giving Dinner'. The task was simple : Determine : 'what glues nuclear families despite their dislocation from Jt Families ?' The following 4 'HISC' factors emerged : a. Desire to stay connected to a fond common 'H'istory b. 'I'nsurance against emergencies c. 'S'ocial Compatability d. 'S'olidarity against common attacks on history The Script that emerged : Common historical linkages (past) & friendly relationships (present) provides Security to nuclear individuals against adversities & assures collective protection of their common history (future). The intriguing these factors have a larger orgainsational application ? Classical Sociology identifies two critical factors - Sociability & Solidarity that builds strong communities. Strong Communities succeed in surviving adversities. Thus it is true also for 'Microcosmic' organisations being part of a larger sociology, if the edifice of their culture is built on:

👉Renewed historical bonds 👉 Inter se sociability 👉 Protection thru Solidarity 👉Assurance against adversity 👉Perpetuation of its common history 

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