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JTHPWBK+ Managers

Each one of us has experienced the JTHPWBK+ manager either as part of our teams (where chances of their detection are low) and at times,also experienced them as our colleagues (where chances of detection are rather high) ! They come from all backgrounds - unqualified or highly qualified - IITs, IIIMs, Harvard's...all functions : operations, sales, HR, finance, technology ...all genders, geographies, shapes & sizes... speaking different languages. Even the best designed 'Inclusivity' programs cannot boast of deep immersion compared to the degree to which the JTHPWBK Managers successfully permeate. One common desire binds them all - succeess at all costs. You may say it is this maniacal pursuit that makes the JTHPWBK manager actually succeed. Hyper Success of the JTHPWBK Managers demotivates, dis-engages, disconnects and consequently the non- jthpwbk Manager attrites. Rigid cultures breathe JTHPWBK Managers. The non JTHPWBK Manager is unceremoniously rejected & quickly ejected. If you are a non-JTHPWBK type profile, you will hurt yourself badly walking into an organisation that is a JTHPWBK+ breathing ground. Be careful. I cautioned you. Enter at your risk. I hope wiser counsel prevails and you don't. Jo Tumko Ho Pasand Wahi Baat Kahenge ! 

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