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Talent Zamindari

Often leaders treat talent as their private property .. akin to the Zamindari system where land was gifted for loyalty  by Royalty. Talent Zamindari is thus a dramatic reference to leaders who treat talent as if it was a gifted talent parcel isolatedly for their department. They decide their selection, placements,pay, performance & promotions .. like private property. The real good of the talent never matters. Talent Zamindari breeds loyalty but certainly not efficiency or competency.  The talent Zamindars don't part with their departmental talent to other teams even for their genuine development and growth as it could selfishly disturb the steady flow of their departmental work. A parallel Ramayana track .. Dasrath & Vishwamitra (Rama's guru) argued fiercely. V'mitra wanted Rama's to fight the demons Maricha & Subahu for the larger good of the community & train Rama for war-fare. Dasrath's paternal love to protect made him flare up .. for Rama could not be risked. He was only 12. Rishi Vashishtha (Dasrath's guru) intervened. He impresses Dasrath that time had come in the form of V'mitra to allow Rama to move onwards to his glorious future. Rama had to flow from the river of Ayodhya into the larger ocean of Vishwamitra's knowledge. Thus Dasrath relented. 

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