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Aligning internal energy

The economic markets being ambiguous, impacts predictability thus totally confusing investors. Is it a fish or a fowl? Invest like a Bull or a Bear ? When all analysis fails & mimicking competitor behaviour fails too in this confusing maze, they find reasons to explain the failure rather than understand the new market characters to find solutions. It is at such times that leaders should shut their eyes for a while & not let external noise disturb them. Converse with themselves & consolidate thoughts. Silence to align their energy to find a unique & brave unconventional solution, appears to be the wise counsel. Mythology has lessons. Sage Agastya & Lopamudra in Ramayana left home in the Himalayas mandated to manage Southern balance of the globe.On the way they faced several challenges. One was from the demon Krauncha who trapped the two in a Cave (which was actually a magical never-ending labyrinth). Sensing the uncertainty Agastya shut his eyes & ears for a while & blanks himself from outer disturbances. He draws on his inner energies & turns to his inner vision. Closing his external eyes he opens his inner eye. There he saw the demon smirking at their plight. He thus now planned his direct strategy & thru his inner strength merged Krauncha into the mountains of the terrain. 

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