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Sarpa, Sarpa !

Having sinned, Indra loses his effulgence. A pious & sinless human ruler - King Nahusha is selected as his Successor to rule the heavens. Nahusa soon realises the dependence of all demigods on his leadership. He started falling for the obvious trappings of power. Nahusa also starts pinning for Queen Indraini - Indra's beautiful wife. Shamelessly, he approaches the queen & expresses desire for conjugal fulfillment. The wise queen realising vulnerability, buys time asking him to return next day but in a flowery palanquin carried by 7 sages. She then approaches the wise Brihaspati for help. Nahusha meanwhile gets excited with the prospects of conjugal union with queen. He desperately nudges the sages carrying the palanquin to move faster One of the sages lifting the palanquin was the powerful Sage Agastya in disguise. Unknowingly, he nudges Agastya 'Sulpa, Sulpa - hurry '. Agastya hollered in anger & unleashes fury on Nahusha, who is trapped to slither in the body of a snake. Ability to be sinless, leads to success & takes one to powerful positions. But inability to resist sinning takes away all abilities to continue shining. Otherwise so bright Corporate leaders so often succumb to trappings of power until they slither in pain & punishment upon sinning. 

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