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Conscious Self-referral

Conscious Self-referral the only way to Inspirational Leadership Leaders & followers consciously process information not on the basis of what the actual information is but rather from their subjective personal frame of reference. Thus reception of the same information conveyed by the same leader thru the same channel at the same time but to different followers, evokes different reception depending on the subjective state of consciousness of the individuals. Acceptance of leadership also varies directly with the degree of self-referral. Every leader sees the world thru his or her bespoke lenses. Followers likewise tend to identify with the leaders to the extent that the leader fits-in with theIr self-referral image of what they believe their role-model inspirational leader should be. Followers thus accept a leader as inspirational only if they have concurring self-referral with his directions. Inspirational leaders constantly use their emotional equations to renew the appeal of their self-referral by their followers. Rightly says Blank...leaders need to expand their consciousness so that they can operate from a more unified & enlightened state. Inspirational Leaders must transcend the boundaries that prejudicially distorts their perception & self-referral by their followers. 

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