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Breaking Silos or Building Walls?

Not Breaking Silos ... you are Building Walls !! Over evolution of the human race, its behaviours have got largely influenced by primal instincts for Perpetuation & Protection from other tribes & animals. That was the need at one point of time. Became behaviourally critical as a consequence at that time was ... 👉Need for Security 👉Desire to safe-guard through defined boundaries & walls 👉Tribe membership thru common beliefs & rituals 👉Common Protection thru collective inhibition in communities 👉 Adoption of common artefacts and rituals 👉Expulsion for non-compliance Though centuries have passed and experiences have changed, the socially fashioned modern man continues unknowingly in a way, to reflect inherited extentions of such tribal instincts. Within Corporate space one experiences Silo Behaviors thru non collaborative style of working which ends up destroying composite organisations through imaginary tilting of the tribes at the windmills ! Indeed, leadership needs to be agile to destroy these Silos of corporate destruction wherever they see them. Competition is instinctive ... collaboration is a learnt behaviour. Unless we are collectively breaking silos for a composite unison, we are building walls for division. And that is at our peril. 

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