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'Talent' an Innate Gift ?

Much as we otherwise are tempted to believe that 'talent' is naturally gifted (some have & some don't), scientific scrutiny does not accept this idea of 'giftedness'... not being supported by evidence. Since talent by it's very nature is supposed to be innate, there theoratically should be a gene for it. Unfortunately, genomic research has not come-up with the presence of any specific gene or a pattern in its organisation which influences or leads to such performance. Be it sports, music, business or any domain of excellence.When early life research of iconic performers in these domains was engaged in, evidence of such special innate gifts appeared elusive. However, what emerged consistently through research into talented lives was .. early fascination, imitation of parental inclinations, systematic induction and dedicated, rigorous & deliberate practice. Parental pursuit in development was commonly present. Certainly, let us not blame divinity for imaginary absence of such innate gifts to us. Build fascination, self ignite passion, systematically dedicate & engage in rigorous & deliberate practice. That will give you the same talent edge you ever envied others for. Not a gift..It is all in your hands, mental make-up & Deliberate Practice ! 

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