• Adil Malia

Deliberate Practice

A lot many activities in life, we learn to actually have fun. We learn most new things in 3 stages (see the doodle). Within each one of us is a natural 'auto-pilot stop learning point' A-PSLP. We learn naturally & with ease upto that point. For most things in life, that is good enough. Have fun. Stopping at this automatically arrested development stage, is okay.

Good news is that the 'A-PSLP' is not rigid. Our mind has sufficient powers to push it back.Thus if one gets passionately attracted to doing something & wants to excel in it, learners can avoid stopping at that APSLP through Deliberate Practice,

Avoiding automaticity through deliberate & continuous practice, great performers get better each day at what they are learning. Thus the most devoted succeed in staying at the top much longer than others who were learning the same thing along with them at the starting point.

Ask the best singers, the best dancers, the best musicians, the best sportsmen.. despite successful track records, they do not miss on their practice sessions at all. Their performance thence reaches a super-refined level where the grace, ease & flow appears natural. Thus it creates a belief of that performance being an outcome of some divine innate gifts bestowed upon the performer.

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