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Coaching Lessons from the 70 year olds

Amongst the several assignments, the one I uniquely enjoy most is Coaching two independent 70/74 yr old founder Chairmen of different Cos !!! Relevant ubiquitous learnings shared with permission for you.. There are 3 lessons for all ... 1. 'What should I do next ?' . This question will bother you the same way at 70 as it did when you passed school at 16, or decided direction of professional journey at 22 or moved your career options. And there are no cookie-cutter answers. You have to go thru similar dilemmas. Evaluate options, self-audit strengths & desires and take a gut-call. Continuing to do what you have so long done is like saying - I enjoyed school...let me continue there forever !!! 2. Have economic independence but also be aware that a chunk of love & power that created a sense of self-worth, erodes with the shifting chair. Do not let that depress you like our friend in the doodle 3. There is a tremendous worth and potential still left in you.Just redirect yourself. 70 is not about passivity. The world does not know half the things you do. Phew !! Happily explore and re-tire for the new journey. Draw on yr experiences & develop a business model to make money from the new wave guys, who do not have yr experiences & need you. 

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