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Breakthrough Organisations

Breakthrough Organisations infuse themselves with Inspirational Leadership. Profeciency and Efficiency both are critical. But the need for Leadership to be Inspirational in breakthrough Organisations is many a notches higher than need for both of these, considering the impact it bears. Leader's comments and beliefs get mirrored in enterprise behaviours and thus its character (see doodle) Many Entrepreneurs , CEOs and other leaders take great pride in privately proclaiming how little they believe in People or processes. And yet on public platforms you see them singing eulogies of the contribution talent & processed make to the enterprise !!!. Sad. Unmistakable reflections of a leader's beliefs get ultimately mirrored and become visible in the ultimate character & culture of the enterprise. This should explain why certain organisations have all the shell systems and on paper all process present but yet do not create the real value that these processes need to deliver to the system. Getting the right inspirationsl leader with authentic belief in the right values  ultimately round-trip through processes and end up getting mirrored to become the ultimate enterprise character !! 

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