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Build your external 'Scaffoldings'

Not every capability required by the organisation to undertake its transformation journey, needs to be built within. Says McFarland... Breakthrough COs  know when to effectively build within & when to outsource the expertise required from outside to facilitate their transformational journey.  Being insular leads to nemesis. Look outside through your window. Strong Partnerships with targeted groups of people outside the CO is very critical to figure things out. There is a world outside to learn from. You don't need to reinvent the wheel. For breakthrough COs to be effective, it needs to be surrounded by a net-work of outside resources vital to its success. Such net-works are like strong (though temporary) external physical 'scaffoldings' to the main structure, required when a building is being repaired or reconstructed.   Advisory Boards, Customer Councils, Expert Committes, Round-table groups, Think-Tanks, Talent Boards all act as effective 'scaffoldings' required whilst the main structure is being reconstructed. Do not waste the opportunity to succeed thru these learning scaffoldings !                                                              

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