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Getting 'Right' People on the Bus

Whilst most HR Depts (post 'Good to Great') have used the above phrase in some form or the other to express their talent journey, not many have worked on their critical 'go to' strategy or have invested time to make the talent journey really happen. How should they do it ???  First, I'd say is create a bus that attracts people to join in the journey and post that, broadcast the endorsing success narratives of Learning, happiness & growth from the 'right' people who earlier climbed on that bus to join the journey. The CO journey is not static. 'Right' people have got to therefore be right in a moving journey. Right people of yesterday maybe incompetent people for the current journey. Likewise, the competent of  today may be incompetent for the enterprise journey of tomorrow. Each time the journey transits, CO cannot keep changing the 'pack' of talent cards. Therefore 'right' is one that is competent for today and potentially scalable for tomorrow with a learning mind-set. Right talent is right because it has potential to be shuffled from position to position depending on the shifting talent need of the enterprise. 

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