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Noise in the Background

Dear Sir, I am a disturbed leader. The best of my efforts & energy I have invested in leading this new CO to a state of breakthrough. Results show what I have done and the Board indeed appreciates. But that is the only spot of good news.  I keep hearing a lot of untruthful gossips about me. People seem to be talking w/o knowing facts ... the rumour mills are always full. Feel so disgusted ... bordering depression when I hear it. Want to quit & move on but that is not me. I am genuinely doing all this for progress of the CO and all people involved. The transformational path we have adopted may have certainly hurt some people.  Yet I have to face these ghost voices & echoes of criticism. Am I the only one or is it a hazard of the journey I have undertaken ???? Prem Wardha Dasondi Hyderabad Dear Dasondi, A strong leader on a new path with a missionary zeal, will face dormat resistance . Such background noise & sound is standard accompaniment on the transformation route. Worry not & reverse not your journey. (See the doodle). I hope it answers you. A transformational leader cannot be a faint-heart. If you are true to your purpose & been mindful to Connect & Engage your people, you are on the right path. Some sounds of dissent are part of the journey. Get used to it 

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