• Adil Malia

The Greedy Daydreamer

I can understand start-ups being starved of funds but can never forgive young entrepreneurs throwing away first rounds of serious funding by day dreaming & indulging in miscalculated adventurism thus losing out with a wonderful idea in the pocket but a huge debt to service. In Std II , Mrs Raja (our teacher) told us a story. Surely, their teacher must not  have told them for they would otherwise never make such an error. A greedy miser collected a big bowl of rice gruel.He eat a bit  & saved the rest in a pot, which he hung on a peg above the bed as he was going to sleep. Looking at the pot, he starts to day-dream. If there is a famine tomorrow, the gruel could sell for 100 Silver coins. This he would exchange with four goats & he would sell their young ones every month. With that he would buy a cow & could exchange calves with buffaloes. He went on to dream of becoming a rich man & marrying a beautiful girl, together raising a son. He would train the son but if he misbehaved, he would pick up a stick and discipline him. Lost in his daydream, he saw the son misbehave. Involuntarily, he picked up the stick lying next to him & started hitting in the air. The stick unfortunately struck the pot which broke.The rice gruel spilled and his dream was lost forever. 

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