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Culture is a rigid definition of Organisation Character

Culture is character defining. It defines the norms, patterns and drivers of behaviour within an organisation that would be reinforced and those that would be extolled, ridiculed and thus rejected if detected as prevailing within the system. I personally do not agree with the cliche ....'culture eats strategy for breakfast'. Infact, when strategy is aligned to the character and culture of the organisation, it thrives and gets the required fillip & momentum. The point of leadership blunder is when Leadership tends to adopt a strategy unmindful of the enterprise character. Such journeys therefore never thrive in the long-term. The leader writes his obituary by such mindless indulgence. To lead transformations, effective Change-Masters therefore need to build up the burning platform for change, communicate , connect & engage with people. A Warrior says.."watch me, I will go to my own Sun. And if I am burned by its fire, I will fly on scorched wings !". A Change Master can't say that. He can't tell the team to watch him go to his Sun. There is a different war in the markets. The leader has to help the team define it's new Sun and then motivate them to partake in a common journey to that Sun ! 

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