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Go, get Engaged!

Engagement is infectious. But unfortunately, so is disengagement.  Most disengaged employees blame their Organisations for their disengagement. Often times, disengagement for them may be lying within. To get in the game, to be fully engaged, requires a point of view, a sense of conviction, the confidence that you may have something indeed valuable to offer and a strong back bone ! Whether its ones belief in an opportunity for breakaway innovation, ones outrage for continuing a situation that needs changing or ones passion for lighting a fire under the dead person working in the next work station, you must stand for something.  You can't be a dead-pan expecting Leadership to stimulate your engagement ! God has given you his personalised gifts and rare talents with unique perspectives that no one else has like the one you have. Your willingness to engage would therefore contribute to make the dialogue richer, more diverse and more interesting. Even though people in your organisation may send you a signal ( and at times your faulty signal receiving mechanism may cause you that erroneous feeling) that your voice is not valued.  Withholding your voice denies the organisation that hired you of benefits of something that the organisation desperately needs ... the smiling, happy you.  It is therefore your spiritual duty to consciously get engaged with the organisation without waiting to be invited to do so. 

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