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Time is critical

It is interesting to see the way men make decisions within the frame-work of time available to him . The behavioural decision milestones are : Procrastination Delay Patience IRT Haste ! Let me clarify ...Haste is mindless speed without deep review of required data or information. 'IRT' (In Right Time) is the ideal decision point where speed of decision matches the required analysis.This is where, ideally a decision should be taken. Unfortunately, not everytime can one succeed in taking decisions in Right time. Sometimes, it fails to connect. Thus 'Patience' becomes the next critical milestone. Here, the analysis is right, the math is correct and yet the desirable decision is not forthcoming. Frustration sets in , Patience needs to be infused. 'Delay Point' is the point where analysis is correct but delay in time taken to arrive at that decisionmakes it useless. 'Point of Procrastination' ...where decision is pushed to some future date for no apparent reasons other than pure laziness. Effective Managers know how to push hard and take a majority of decisions in the zone between IRT and Patience to maximize benefits from their decisions. 

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