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Charge yourself

Being Fully Charged is critical. The million dollar question is how do fully charge yourself ? To ensure that you are fully charged, the chunk of the work you do should : ... Anchor Purpose ... Positively Engages & Connect and .. Offer Pizzaz for physical, mental & emotional well-being. When you do work which is directly linked to authentic fulfillment of your purpose, it would help derive joy & thus charge you up. Whilst you are working and if you keep asking yourself this question : - "why am I doing what I am doing?" , it is bound to drain energy and discharge. - When the quality of the work you do gives you more positive moments of happiness than moments of unhappiness, you will feel charged to do many more things for yourself and for others. This helps charging When the work you do is linked directly to the larger purpose of the organisation and whilst doing that you feel happy & suitably engaged contributing as a critical fighting soldier of the Army, then you will feel charged. - Supply Pizzaz...the challenge that your work offers you, improves not only your physical well being but also mentally stimulated you & provides you emotional equanimity that could help sustain the charge longer. So go ahead & now fully charge yourself. 

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