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Magical People Touch Is The Real Midas Touch

You may be a WINNER but the world remembers their HERO...the one with a human touch who connects with them. Says George Adams, I wonder if the human touch, which people have, is not one of the greatest assets that one can have. You meet some people, and immediately you feel their warmth of mind or heart. You read a book, sit before the performance of a fine actor, or read a poem ... and there it iz ... something that streams into your consciousness. Those who keep climbing higher, in their chosen work, all have this outstanding something...that magical touch. The nurse in the hospital, the man who delivers your mail, the clerk behind many a store counter, and the effective minister or public speaker. Without this human touch, hope has little on which to feed or thrive. Without that human touch, you can't connect. Without connecting you can never win.. 

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