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Chattpataa Bhel

Singularly the best contribution Mumbai beaches ever made... For the uninitiated ( and there can't be any on our group !!) Bhel puri is a slightly sweet, spicy & sour tasting chaat snack made with puffed rice, chaat chutneys, peanuts, spice powders, condiments & Sev.  Bhel puri has been ever a popular  street fast food , when it was Bombay and not Mumbai and the road side pizza and Maggie were not born.  There were family bhel-puriwallas and loyalty was fierce. Dare one shifted loyalty ! Long before Marketing Science found impressive labels, bhelpuriwalla knew the concept of Emotional Connect. They well understood pricing and door-to-door direct sales was their 'go-to-market' channel strategy. On a day when mom was angry and decided to leave us behind, his Quick Market Intelligence would tell him that sales volumes for the day would decline. No MIS. Quickly,  he would ask - "aaj baachey nahee aaye? Beemar to nahee hai na ???". Mom would get emotional , she would then get bhel-puri packed for us and we would be given that with her angry expression of forgivance. That's design Thinking for you ! 

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