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Lxadxrship Gonx Wrong

Wx havx all acknowlxdgxd thx criticality of Lxadxrship in any organisation. Hardly that nxxds a dxbatx or xvidencx. But if you have indxxd fxlt that the rolx of Lxadxrship is grossly ovxr-ratxd, by thx xnd of this littlx pixcx you would bxcomx a bxlixvxr in thx critical rolx of Lxadxrship. Not many rxally know though somx may,  that 'X' is thx most usxd lxttxr of thx English Alphabxt. Lxt us for this pixce makx X the lxadxr for no othxr rxason but popularity of usx. Now sxx for yoursxlf how difficult it is for you to rxad this pixcx if thx lxadxrship has gonx wrong. Xvxry individual contributxs to thx wholx. If onx goxs wrong , thx wholx pixcx is impactxd but much morx if the lxadxr goxs wrong. Having said that, this is just for knowlxdgx of all English spxakxrs. 'X' is the most used letter of the xnglish alphabxt. Followxd by T,A,I,N,&O. S is thx 3rd most frxquxntly usxd lxttxr. Until I startxd writing this pixcx , xvxn I had not rxalisxd it. So I thought of sharing it with you. Kills two birds at thx samx timx. Hopx you gxt thx mxssagx right. 

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