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3 Blunders Coaches Make

Let me briefly explain the 'Performance - Coaching Primer', first.

An individual has ability to perform & reach a certain level of performance naturally, even without external support ... purely, on the basis of :

👉natural learnings

👉natural intelligence


👉extension of learnt logic.

Beyond that, progress is possible only in the 'Zone of Proximal Development' that too with help of a Coach. ZPD works to unleash the performance of an individual till it reaches full potential. Beyond this Peter's level of inefficiency kicks-in. Failure is natural.

Whilst potential is an individual's boon, unless the Magician rubs, the Genie does not emerge!!

Coaches are critical for enhance performance. However, they too blunder.

a. Only after a serious

assessment can the Coach give specific feedback that will evoke trust. A Coach has to be Adaptive & Appreciative in the ' #management Zone of Proximal Development' (Vygotsky).

b. Only screaming 'Goals - Goals'...'Attack- Attack' is meaningless. Individual's Potential does not come with 'Net Weight' printed. Coach has to experiment & measure it out.

c. The Coach should look out for the point where potential ends & Peter's inefficiency kicks-in. Flogging a dead horse beyond that, gets no results.

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