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Beyond all intentions , beyond words, beyond all pushing , pulling , beyond fighting and all animus is the virtue of action.

Often we get trapped into defences and giving explanations ... rationalizing why something you committed to do, could not happen. However, the fact remains. Winner is the one who is a 'MIH' .... make it happen person.

Just make it happen.

Make it happen ... adjust your style, build capability, surge new partnerships, add new resources, make compromises, run the extra mile ... whatever it takes to complete the incomplete task, do it.

Making it happen is about being responsible, being action oriented and accountable for the commitments you give and do whatever it takes to set it straight.. If something needs doing and setting it straight, do it or just get it done.

MIH attitude is the one that makes one dependable . Bosses love them, Managers yearn for them to be in their teams, colleagues delight, friends & neighbours envy him.

And promise you, it does not really take a lot to be a MIH person. It is just about an attitude, it is just about a belief and a desire. It is about a sense of completion. It can happen, this moment. Try it.

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Vispi Jokhi
Vispi Jokhi
Mar 01

Yes agreed with this as all the ideas unless put into practice are meaningless and mere lip service


Mar 01

Terific as usual. You should be named 'Awesome Adil"

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