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A Story-teller And A Leader

Whilst storytelling is an important leadership skill, merely because a person can narrate interesting stories , does it mean he can become a good leader ? Certainly not. Super Novelists don't necessarily make great leaders!

Only when the story narrated indicates intelligence, reflects ability on part of the narrator to emotionally connect the listeners to the behaviours of the characters of the story, reflects use of effective communication skills and techniques to engage with the listeners to join-in for action and is able to draw out lessons relevantly to motivate the listeners and create thus a desire to seek-out more stories can one then say that for sure such a story teller reflects potential leadership competencies.

Self- knowledge is at the root of all good story-telling. And so for leadership. This is where the two hip-join. The more you understand your own humanity, the more you can appreciate the humanity of others in all their good-versus- evil struggles. This duality makes for a good story-teller as much for a leader.

A good leader is a great story teller. Though vice-versa is not necessarily true.

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