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Addressed A Session on 'HAT' - Happiness Anchored Transformations at 'DLC'

Sharing the 10 Thoughts on the theme with you.

* From the time a child is born, 'HAPPINESS' is a natural state of balance. Even a momentary shift of balance makes the child 'Unhappy' and it cries till it becomes happy again. As we grow older, we refine our ways of control & expressions but this basic pattern persists.

* Happiness begins with achievement of physical needs that stimulates positive bliss, passes thru other stages till it anchors with Spiritual needs.

* 83% of 500 surveyed Organisations (mixed bag/U41 Survey) indicated that they had in the last 2 years undergone some or the other kind of Transformational interventions post COVID. Of these, 71% had already abandoned these programs. Once happiness is restored, we quickly forget Unhappy moments & revert to status-quo behaviours.

* 'Stake-holder Happiness Survey' is critical to make transformations succeed. All stakeholders should feel happy in the new state or they will cry & disturb the party....and make transformation programs fail.

* Happiness is a spiritual journey & needs authenticity. There is no scope for faking happiness. If you are not a 'Great Place To Work' or ' Equal Opportunity Employer' or genuinely believe in CSR .... Don't Fake It. Don't pretend you are one. Strive to become one. It will make 'Happy' interventions fail otherwise.

* Authentic Communication, Engagement & Connection with the 'Happy' Purpose are pillars around which a strong Stake-holder Happy Community built

* Aristotle spoke of Happiness 3000 years ago. He said Happiness came at 4 levels - Laetus, Felix, Beatitudo & Sublime Beatitudo.

Laetus , level at which achieving material objects gave happiness...Felix - where in competitive arena, emerging superior in comparison with peers brought happiness - Beatitudo where helping others by doing meaningful things made people happy and Sublime Beatitudo where happiness reached the ultimate spiritual level along with a balance of happiness derived from a man's pursuit of the other 3 shallower levels of happiness became critical.

* Do a deeper dive collectively as a leadership team to understand the Consciousness of your Enterprise for only then will you determine what needs to be altered and adjusted in your Value-Chain to foster stake-holder Happiness. Listening skills and self- realisations help.

* Happiness cannot be a 'copy-paste' program. It has to be unique to the enterprise. It cannot be like an imitated 'best practise'

* Most people don't really know their own Happiness. They are confused. They keep asking others about what they should do for their happiness. I recommend the way out by quoting a profound 'sher' :

Agar jan'na hai apne aap ko

to na pucho pirko na fakirko,

buss ankhe bandh karke

puchh lo apney 'Zamir' ko.

Thank you are indeed a unique Learning laboratory.

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Sushil Baveja
Sushil Baveja
May 29, 2023

Very relevant and thought-provoking !


May 28, 2023

Purification of breath .. Prayers protocols meditation helps and leads to Self realization

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